Mark Swint


This blog is dedicated to exploring the issues and areas of conflict between Science and Religion. It is not a proselyting tool and it preaches no particular creed or denomination. It is written by a man of scientific training and education who also happens to hold a very strong faith in God, Godliness and things of a spiritual nature. I do not pretend to have all the answers but I do endeavor to show that there is not nearly so wide a chasm between good science and reasonable religion as is commonly thought. I want to bring Science and Religion back into the partnership that I think was originally established, that is that good religion can tell us what things are like and science can tell us how and why those things are so. Religion gives us the exoteric knowledge and Science gives us the esoteric knowledge.

  1. Hey!

    Found your site through We are always looking to write on the intersection between science and spiritualiy. Mormon transhumanism also sounds sooo awesome :p

    I am the editor of a magazine called Interesting Times, which will be available online and in print shortly. The magazine is about surviving and thriving in the modern world, which includes a lot of topics such as self-help, survivalism, entrepreneurship, fitness, emerging technologies, social networking, etc. For now, I can send you the first two issues over e-mail if you are interested.

    You might enjoy an article in issue 2 called “True Romance: time enough for love in the age of cold science?” by oxytocin blogger/book author/journalist Susan Kuchinskas.

    Anyway, would you be interested in writing something for us? 🙂


    • I might be very interested in convtributing to your efforts. I wrote for an aviation magazine for three years and found the experience both invigorating and satisfying. I would love to see what you have come up with in the first few issues. Also, it would give me a feel for the tone and message of the publication.

      A good way to comtact me is through my e-mail account at or at

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Mark Swint

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